April 20, 2021

With the release of our 4/20 capsule collection, we want to offer an update on overall fulfillment during this period.

We are in the process of quality checking & shipping the RNL X FORMAL collaboration this week. The "Rolled n' Lonely" capsule will follow along the normal fulfillment schedule afterwards. We want to take the time to remind everyone that all orders can take 7-17 business days to clear the production & quality check stages. More info is posted on our "Shipping" page.

Thank you everyone for the continued support!


February 6th, 2021

Today marks the first release of 2021 for Rich And Lonely, and our first brand-only collection in a few months! Featuring "Richie's Heart",  a half and half version of Richie, in multiple colorways.

We are excited to get another drop out during these difficult times due to the pandemic. Thank you for your support!

RNL 5 is available now.


November 20th, 2020

In this update we want to address some details about the collaboration, as well as some of the struggles we have experienced behind the scenes and how they have affected the collaboration.

Due to manufacturer ink shortages caused by the COVID pandemic, the tan colorways have been scrapped and will not be available. We have replaced these specific garments with the asphalt-dyed crewneck and hoodie. In addition to this, we have added as many of our signature pastel colored garments as possible. This was difficult to accomplish due to shortages, so some plus sizes may not be available in those ink-dyed garments.

We are still working behind the scenes to get as much as we intended available to the public as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support, see you tomorrow!


November 5th, 2020

In this collaboration, Rich and Lonely teams up with content mastermind and CEO; Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez and the HECZQUARTERS.

Designed in collaboration with HECZQUARTERS and OMENS, this collection features Richie along-side the iconic mascot of the HQ, Allen. Sporting the same design style as Richie, he is featured in all of the embroidered and screen printed garments that will be available on the scheduled drop day.

The RNL X HECZQUARTERS collaboration goes live on November 21st, at 2PM Central.


October 31st, 2020

This seasonal Rich And Lonely collection features "spooky Richie"; a variant of the Richie mascot in monster green sitting with a jack-o-lantern. Also featured are the "Richie Halloween" garments, on long sleeves, tees, and more.

As this collection was featured last-minute and with COVID shortages, some ink dyed garments may be out in sizes.

A Richie Halloween goes live on October 31st, at 2PM Central.


October 1st, 2020

Rich And Lonely teams up with Call of Duty World Champion, and captain of the biggest dynasty is COD history Seth "Scump" Abner.

Designed directly with Seth, the collection features "King Richie"; a collaborative design of the staple Richie mascot. Also featured is the splatter design, featuring the brands' logos giving out a 90s vibe with the RNL colorway.

The collaboration goes live on October 3rd at 2PM Central.