Richard or "Richie" is known for being the iconic mascot for the Rich And Lonely brand. Born in 2019, Richie was first implemented into the "RNL 2" collection - a capsule in a series of flagship drops during the very beginnings of Rich and Lonely. Much like today, the drops featured high-quality embroideries of Richie on hoodies, crewnecks, and more.

Richie is a Shiba-inu pup, featured with stitching similar to that on a plush. He features a faintly muted orange, with a patch of white on his stomach and on his face starting above the nose with crossed eyes and perked up ears.



"Rich and Lonely" was founded by online influencer Marcus "MBoZe" Blanks and streetwear designer Aaron Create. The brand name ideology stems from the saying "Money can't buy happiness" by Rousseu. 

Founded in March of 2019, Rich And Lonely burst onto the streetwear scene and quickly became known for its quality and authenticity. It wasn't long after the RNL community and culture was born with roots in gaming and street culture, and continues to grow day-by-day.